17 September 2020

Keep it Together

Directed and written by Joshua Church and Joseph Kreitem


‘The year is 2021 – paperclips have been outlawed’
We see a dystopian future – smoke, rubble, fire, loose paper blowing freely in the streets
The world is falling apart…
Text – 1 year earlier
(Terminator arrival shot, hero crouching surrounded by smoke wearing all black)
We hear in her ear: ‘We’ve brought you back for a reason… keep it together’
Intro heist music
Our hero breaks into the secret facility, takes out a guard, and stealthily makes her way towards the objective.
She looks at the map – and up at the final door. She’s nearly made it.
Deep breath…
She takes the earring out and starts picking the lock, in her ear she hears ‘that’s it, you know what to do’ –
Inside the Trophy Room, the floor is covered in paperclips and in pride of place is “THE PAPERCLIP” illuminated on a pedestal in the centre.
Relieved, our hero takes it, but as she does the guard sees her on CCTV…
The alarm sounds,
The hero is startled, the paperclip falls to the floor, lost in a sea of copies.
The video ends with our hero frantically searching through a the paperclips failing to find the original.

CUT TO TITLE: “Keep it Together”

The Launch


For London Fashion Week September 2020, Hillier Bartley are introducing their Tuxedo Paperclip Earring capsule. A long standing icon of the brand, the range features tuxedo iterations of the HB Classic Pavé, Jumbo Pavé, and Enamel Paperclip Earrings.

To celebrate this launch, Hillier Bartley partnered with Joshua Church and Joseph Kreitem to create a short film entitled ‘Keep it Together’ – a tonguein- cheek look at Hillier Bartley’s iconic (and much contested) paperclip earring.

It imagines a future in which paperclips have been outlawed, and the attempt of one agent, sent from the future, to retrieve The Paperclip from a secret facility.

Who owns it? We don’t know.

Does it make sense? We don’t care.

At the crucial moment, The Paperclip is lost in a pile of fakes, and our hero is left to find the original in a sea of copies, struggling to Keep it Together…

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