Tuxedo Paperclip Capsule

Conversations 17 September 2020 Keep it Together Directed and written by Joshua Church and Joseph Kreitem THE NARRATIVE ‘The year is 2021 – paperclips have been outlawed’ We see a dystopian future – smoke, rubble, fire, loose paper blowing freely in the streets The world is falling apart… Text – 1 year earlier (Terminator arrival […]

There’s no excuse not to tie-dye

Conversations 01 September 2020 There’s no excuse not to tie-dye Mordechai ‘Mister Mort’ Rubenstein is a wizard of tie-dye, an all seeing eye. His recent book ‘Dead Style’ captures people who encapsulate both the influence of Grateful Dead’s tie-dyed colourful counter culture and the razor sharp ensembles of street style. It is undeniable that tie-dye […]

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