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Hillier Bartley at its best is a celebration of the curiosity of femininity. As well as posing these questions through our design and styling, I have always explored a similar curiosity though my writing and interviews. In this part of the site these parallel disciplines converge. 

Although I have been designing clothes for a long time, I was a journalist previously. I have tried to keep a writing practice and have had the chance to interview some incredible women: the likes of musician Stevie Nicks, director Andrea Arnold and politician and activist Nimco Ali, through my work on Violet magazine.

The Hillier Bartley website seems like the perfect space to piece together this jigsaw of inspiration, thoughts and end product. A mixture of my interviews with others, interviews where Katie and I discuss our own work, and then other personal musings. 

I am also eager to give some background on the women and movements that inspire me through a series of podcasts. 

For our first podcast I will be in discussion with Katie Hillier (watch this space) and from there we will continue the conversation with the people who most inspire us, whether they are in some way connected to our work or lives, or simply individuals we admire. 

This evolving collection of podcasts and personal writings will encompass everything that interests us as women and as creatives. 

Coming soon,

Luella x